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Einstein Discovery, developed by Salesforce, offers “an intuitive, no-code environment that empowers anyone to quickly and confidently make decisions guided by ethical, transparent AI in Tableau.”

Tableau has been on a mission to help people perceive and understand data for the past seventeen years and joining Salesforce last year has enabled us to accomplish a wealth of new innovations. We are continually building capability that help people and organisations make informed decisions more quickly.

The Tableau platform offers the ability to limitlessly explore data and visuals with broad connectivity to data anywhere. It also offers a breadth of deployment and integration capabilities. This platform ensures that anyone can have ready access to data, anywhere, and regardless of their skill level. With Einstein Discovery in Tableau you can achieve dynamic machine learning-powered predictions as well as explanatory insights and recommendations.

Einstein Discovery, powered by Tableau CRM, lets you analyse historical data without having to write a single line of code. It also allows you to create trusted, predictive ML models using the intuitive model-building wizard and monitoring processes allowing you to advance from data to insights quickly so that every decision you make can be a smart and guided one.

How can Tableau Einstein Discovery benefit your company?

The two most applicable functions Einstein Discovery Extension provides are –

  1. Perform what-if scenarios – connect your predictive models directly to Tableau parameters and get a prediction on a simulated row of data.
  2. Aggregate bulk predictions – get predictions based on rows of data in your worksheet and see the average, sum or median of these predictions.

In this platform you can retrieve the predominant factors that most significantly impacted on the prediction as well as the leading actions you can take to improve the predicted outcome.  

You will need to have either a Salesforce Einstein Discover in Tableau licence or Tableau CRM plus Einstein Predictions licence to be able to use the Discovery Extension.

With Einstein Discovery you can be confident that you are using AI responsibly, accurately and ethically due to our five AI ethics principles. Einstein Discovery has a number of anti-bias and transparency features built into its platform enabling you to be confident in the business decisions you make.

Don’t make these decisions based on past performance alone. With just a few clicks you can use the Einstein Discovery insights. You never need to disrupt your analysis because the insights have been integrated into your Tableau workflow. There are so many ways that these technologies merge to help you make the most of your data. Improving the quality of insights will help you make decisions faster, and smarter data prep and easier sharing will be a huge advantage to your business.

We understand that there never seems to be enough time in your day, but with the Discovery notification experience you can easily keep track of all the important changes across your organisation. You will have a dedicated space showing your shares, comments, extracts and prep flows all in one centralised place. Your list of preferences means that notifications can be sent to you through the program or emailed to you, this way you will always receive important alerts so that any issues required can be actioned immediately.

For more information on Tableau Einstein Discovery, call or email the team at SCloud Technology and Solutions today. We would love to have the opportunity of showing you how this platform can provide you with a better understanding of your business data and industry predictions. Do you have Tableau Einstein Discovery already but don’t know how to use the data effectively? We can help you make sense of your information.

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