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Salesforce Pardot provides your business with the ability to design and send targeted email campaigns and keep up to date with ROI tracking and lead management. Pardot can synchronise with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) to offer you improved performance. 

Using Salesforce Pardot as a marketing tool will assist your business to –

  • Generate and build new leads with customer email marketing campaigns, and customising web forms etc.
  • Track potential customers across your digital properties. All visits to your business’ website will be tracked, logged and synchronised with your CRM for easy reference.
  • Offers automated workflows to provide personalised customer experiences and enables you to design your market strategies to reach out and generate leads. 
  • Provides an overview of whether your email marketing campaigns are driving sales the way that you had envisaged and whether you are seeing a return on investment from search engine marketing.

Sizeable amounts of a business’s time, money and resources can be spent trying to get new customers through the door! (metaphorically speaking). You will be cognizant that successful marketing is the key to a successful business and needs to take number one spot and be given your continual full attention to ensure that you gain new customers and don’t lose the ones you have already built a relationship with.

This is why Salesforce Pardot will be such an asset to your business. Pardot is a marketing automation software tool designed to assist you in automating all of your marketing tasks. It will streamline workflows for you and measure the outcome of your marketing campaigns. It is an automation-focussed central marketing platform designed to create great marketing experiences for your customers, generate leads and help you to keep track of them and allows you to share data between your marketing and sales teams.

Pardot offers a huge range of benefits, all designed to concentrate on the four most important challenges of marketing which are – lead generation, lead management, ROI reporting and sales alignment.

At SCloud Technology and Solutions we highly recommend Salesforce Pardot for your business due to the large amount of features available as well as the functionalities it has that can be easily customised. It also has excellent flexible reporting abilities. 

Salesforce Pardot features include –

Email Builder – Pardot comes with ready-to-use templates that will assist you to customise content and create emails that have maximum impact. You can address customers by name, include relevant personal information if required, and add images etc.

Form Builder – Pardot’s form builder is straightforward and easy to use. After choosing the fields and data you wish to include you just need to drag and drop to change the order.

Effective Segmentation – Pardot offers you several options when it comes to segmentation. You can create on-time lists, lists that refresh automatically based on specific criteria, or run rules that ensure that prospective customers are assigned to the correct representatives in your organisation as required.

Outstanding Reporting – Pardot will provide a wide variety of reports for your business. The platform can provide reports on marketing assets, prospective lifecycles and conversions; in fact any decisions you may need to make regarding the marketing of your business can be validated with a report created by the Pardot platform.

Salesforce Pardot is a business-to-business marketing automation software provider which is unparalleled in its marketing capabilities.

Call or email the team at SCloud Technology and Solutions today. We would love to have the opportunity to explain how the Salesforce Omni can make a huge difference to your business.

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