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Salesforce is renowned for being the market leader in integrated CRM platforms, providing users with a central place to manage their customer data, track sales opportunities and automate tasks such as lead generation and follow-up. Salesforce units your business’s teams – sales, commerce, service, marketing and IT with one integrated CRM platform that will power your entire suite of connected apps. Using the Salesforce platform means that you can focus your employees on prioritising their work, doing what is immediately important. This will give you the time to stabilise your business and make the decisions needed to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

The Salesforce Cloud based CRM platform provides –

  • Ease of use – just like any other daily used website
  • Relatively short implementation time
  • The scope for continuous improvement and innovation – the convenience of being able to continually maintain, update and create apps
  • Huge range of functions
  • Easily customised and scaled to suit the size of your business or organisation
  • Efficient reports – providing customised information efficiently
  • Allows for the automation of tasks by building custom apps.
  • Getting to know customers’ needs and concerns and being able to respond to these in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Higher employee productivity – which can be a financial benefit to your organisation.

Managing customer relationships is becoming increasingly essential for organisations.  Salesforce enables you to service your customers, grow your business, and succeed in competition. However even though Salesforce Cloud requires minimum IT resources to operate, organisations still need knowledgeable expertise.

Once you are on board with Salesforce it will be a fantastic new tool for your business. It will give you and your employees the ability to gain access to the information they require wherever they are.  Salesforce is incomparable when it comes to putting reports together.  There are standard reports already in the system however it is also very simple to customise your reports to suit your current needs. 

SCloud Technology and Solutions provides effective technical and maintenance support 24/7. We are always accessible either by phone or email. We will assist you to facilitate the customisation of the Salesforce platform and successfully migrate your business to Cloud CRM. This in turn will drastically improve your individual company’s processes and workflows, security and data management. We are a leading Salesforce IT support and maintenance company providing the most comprehensive assistance with Salesforce products.

Why use SCloud Technology and Solutions?

  • We have proven expertise in providing consulting, development, implementation, integration and support for the Salesforce platform.  
  • We are a team of professionals who can provide comprehensive domain expertise.  
  • We have had wide ranging experience in guiding companies through the process of migrating to Salesforce services through many industries.
  • We have comprehensive Salesforce consulting services.
  • We can help you manage customer relationships
  • We can envision and implement project plans
  • We can conduct user training and testing

At SCloud Technology and Solutions we ensure that successful implementation of your system is completed efficiently allowing a smooth transition to Cloud CRM for your organisation. We monitor every stage of the implementation process, identify any problems early, and suggest solutions that are viable and practicable to make sure that you make the most out of your Cloud CRM.

Without the need for you to hire your own dedicated IT team, SCloud Technology and Solutions is available to provide support that is flexible, affordable and adaptable. We handle any issues that may arise and are available 24/7 by phone or email and in person (during business hours). 

Contact us by phone or email today to discuss your Salesforce technical support needs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

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