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Marketing retailers need to find ways to provide relevant content to their clients in effective ways. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a complete service to improve your marketing relationships with your customers.  Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a provider of digital marketing, automation and analytic software and services. It is used to customise emails, using an Al-powered personal approach and creates a comprehensive perspective of each customer by managing B2B or B2C relationships

B2B is the acronym for Business to Business which is the relationship whereby businesses provide goods or services to other businesses.  B2C on the other hand is the acronym for Business to Consumer in which businesses provide goods or services to individuals.

It is obviously apparent then that if you run a B2B business your focus will be on marketing and selling directly to businesses whereas if your business is B2C your focus will be marketing and selling directly to consumers.  Either way the essential steps for a successful marketing strategy are –

  • Defining your audience
  • Building an image of authority
  • Creating strong content
  • Diversifying your channels

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides many useful instruments for creating consumer focussed marketing campaigns –

  1. Journey Building – a great tool for creating one to one connected and relevant consumer paths
  2. Email Studio – Thanks to the capabilities of this program you can determine target audiences, build intelligent messages and automate the processes of scheduling letters, reports etc.
  3. Audience Studio – allows you to gather and save the consumer data in one place.  You can divide your customers into different areas and keep track of them all.  You will then have the data you will require to make your marketing decisions.
  4. Salesforce Data Studio – You will be able to use the advanced tools of this platform to reach new prospects.  With the 200 activation channels available you will be able to manage and take control of your data.
  5. Social Studio – With this platform your marketing, service and sales teams can use social media channels to connect to your customers.  It will also allow you to be in constant contact with your community.
  6. Advertising Studio – provides digital advertising.  This enables you to use social media channels and Google search to reach your current and potential customers.
  7. Mobile Studio – allows you to automate your mobile marketing processes to increase customer interaction as well as expanding your audience through mobile communication.
  8. Interaction Studio – has been created for viewing and analysing customer behaviour in real time. 
  9. Pardot – is a tool for connecting marketing and sales departments for big deals and provides insights into your marketing program.
  10. Datorama – provides reports to allow you to gather data from different resources and track customer awareness.
  11. Google Analytics 360 – Salesforce is integrated with Google Analytics.  It is implemented at the enterprise level and needs to have approvals for Marketing Cloud integration.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an unparalleled software for your business or organisation.  Among many other services it allows you to draw on your customer database by increasing conversation.  It increases lead volume, and measures your email campaigns to help you understand the marketing impact your business is having.

Call or email us today.  We would love to have the opportunity of explaining how the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can make a huge difference to your business.

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