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Build digital-first experiences tailored to suit your industry

OmniStudio is a powerful suite of task-based components and services built on the Salesforce platform enabling businesses to rapidly deliver digital-first and industry-specific experiences across multiple devices and channel.  Its aim is to empower companies to create branded and dynamic customer and employee interactions quickly and without code.  You will be able to select from a menu of features – all with low code tools including pre built guided processes and templates using low code to generate anything from appointment scheduling and loan applications to service requests and other support functions.

Low code refers to the platform used by developers to develop apps in a graphical interface.  Instead of writing mountains of complex codes and syntax, developers use a drag and drop visual model to construct apps with modern integrations, data and logic in a modern user interface allowing for automated workflows and a maximum degree of freedom.

  1. OmniScript – crafts dynamic customer interactions without code.  It will guide you through sales and service processes with fast, personalised responses and seamless integration to enterprise data and applications.  With OmniScript you can design more engaging interactions more easily and conveniently update as you build your business.
  2. FlexiCards allows you to deliver up to date information to any of your staff who serve customers.  Flexicards allows you to construct rich and dynamic user interfaces using a click-based configuration.   Flexicards helps you streamline your business processes by displaying only the data you need, when you need it, allowing you to access data from one or more sources.
  3. DataRaptor and integration procedures simplify external data incorporations and behind the scenes it manages complex date structures on the Salesforce platform with declarative mapping and REST interfaces.  In other words, DataRaptor allows you to implement and maintain faster integrations more easily with a drag-and-drop configuration.

Other features that are contained in OmniStudio to maximise the value, speed and scale of the platform are –

  • Interaction Console – facilitate vertical contact centre flows with utilities and common components.
  • IDX Workbench – simplify your DevOps with tools to migrate changes and dependencies between the orgs, and visualise changes from version to version
  • Omni Analytics – visualise the data in OmniStudio to understand business performance.  Then take action to improve the flows etc.
  • Project Explorer – organises metadata into collections of industry processes.

What can OmniStudio do for your business?

Taking OmniStudio on board allows you to build your business faster with digital declarative tools that accelerate innovation. You will be able to quickly install business and industry specific processes to automate interactions; simplify integrations using drag-and-drop configuration with a modular service-oriented approach and build flexible branded interfaces with low code configuration.

OmniStudio enables you to complete complex tasks easily with its flexible branded interface and allows you to seamlessly integrate with enterprise and data applications using declarative data mapping with a drag-and-drop configuration. 

Your sales staff will appreciate the convenience of being able to access data from multiple sources quickly and simply.

Salesforce OmniStudio is an unparalleled software for your business or organisation.  It will allow you to build your business faster by building digital-first experiences tailored to suit your industry.

Call or email the team at SCloud Technology and Solutions today. We would love to have the opportunity to explain how Salesforce OmniStudio can make a huge difference to your business and the services we provide.

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