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Salesforce Community Cloud an online-based social platform for companies allowing them to create branded sites to connect their employees, customers and partners with each other. It is designed for use by a group of consumers from different organisations and allows for the creation of mobile applications without any coding skills or IT resources. It is an easy and productive way of building enterprise-grade apps that are ready for immediate use. 

Salesforce is an affordable cloud based platform offering personalisation and customisation of your business or organisation.  Through the cloud you can provide information that is easily accessible to customers, remote or freelance employees and sales staff who travel.  

Customer relationship management (CRM) is immensely important for a business or organisation to manage and create robust relationships with their customers.  

Cloud based platforms for many organisations can seem an exceedingly overwhelming proposition. To make the move from traditional business to cloud-centric technology means a change in mindset and the need to rebuild infrastructure, changing work methods, and training staff. There are many advantages to cloud technology. Whether you have a small business or large organisation, cloud computing services are the way to create a more efficient, productive work environment.

SCloud Technology and Solutions will work alongside your business. When migrating your business or organisation to cloud centred technology there is always a need for change of thought and a substantial amount of work to be completed to enable you to achieve your vision for the future. You will also need to put into place a comprehensive training schedule to enable your employees to use your new system efficiently.

Maintaining a healthy customer relationship is very crucial for your business. A cloud consultant from SCloud Technology and Solutions can analyse your business and identify the changes needed to have the most impact on your business. These changes will include keeping track of growth and keeping customers updated. The starting point for your vision of how you would like to use the community cloud for your business is engaging a consultant from our team. 

Call or email us today and we will be happy to have a conversation about community cloud and our consultancy services. We are happy to provide a quote for your requirements.

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